• I will try to explain what my problem is.
    I have several dedicated wanip that I have setup under Virtual IP Addresses.
    One of the WAN ip is NAT:ed to LAN camera ip that I can access from outside but not locally. This worked fine on my old ipcop firewall.
    Can I setup a rule that also redirect the wan:ip inside the LAN network to the camera IP?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You need to enable nat reflection for that to work - but I have to wonder why you can not just use since your on the local network anyway?  Or just setup pfsense to resolve whatever name you might be using to resolve that to your local address?

  • Thank you so much I got it work. I have a ip camera app in my android with camera url to the wan ip.
    Before I Nat Reflection it only works on 3g/4g not when I was home at wifi. Now it's work with both :)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "with camera url to the wan ip."

    And it would be quite simple to setup pfsense to resolve your camera url to your camera's local 192.168 IP as well and not have to use nat reflection.

    So when your phone is on your local network using pfsense as dns it resolves camera url to your local IP  And when its outside your network and using some public dns it would resolve your camera url to your public IP.