Transparent Proxy: Squid allow Chrome to open when it's blocked

  • Hi

    I have a very strange issue, I have blocked Webmail category on SquidGuard and I know when operating in transparent mode the only way to block the HTTPS connection is to block it in Squid. I did this, however and  Chrome somehow find it appropriate to display the page.

    In IE this is the page I get:


    The requested URL could not be retrieved


    While trying to retrieve the URL:

    The following error was encountered:

    • Access Denied.

    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

    Your cache administrator is admin@localhost.

    This is the desired result and this does happen in Firefox and other browsers except for Google Chrome.

    Anyone had the same problem?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If chrome is actually using the proxy, consult the proxy logs from the transaction to see just what server Chrome is hitting. It may be a special/different URL.

  • Hi

    The funny part is I am getting this in the logs: TCP_DENIED/403 1340 GET - NONE/- text/html TCP_DENIED/403 1336 GET - NONE/- text/html

    But still it shows the page…

    Any other ideas?

  • No one…?

  • To those intressted, I managed to archive my goal by setting up an Firewall rule to REJECT the following Network range: