Multi-LAN Routing LAN Subnet1 <–> LAN Subnet2 ?

  • Hello Pfsense expert,

    I like to know how can I setup routing between 2 LAN Subnets in the same LAN? 
    Appreciate your help & Thanks in advance.

    My Pfsense interfaces:


    LAN Subnet1 <–> LAN Subnet2?

    My initial setup for LAN1 rule does not seem to work. I cannot ping between 2 computers from LAN1 and LAN2

    Proto:  IP4 Any
    Source: Any
    Dest:  : LAN2 Subnet

    Please help me!

    Best Regards

  • I could be wrong here (I'm not an expert), but I think the firewall rules on your LAN2 network have to allow from LAN1 and your LAN1 network firewall has to allow from LAN2. It looks like LAN2 is set to allow from LAN2.

  • Thanks I got the problem solved:


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Those are not "firewall" rules - those are NAT rules, that pfsense auto created for you - you just switched over to manual to see them.

    Those are NATS for your 2 lan segments to your WAN network, not between themselves.

    edit: Got to be one of the worse video guides I have ever seen..  WTF was he doing in the xml config file - he already had the interfaces in pfsense.  You can modify interface addresses in the gui.  And why is he doing manual nat?

    It takes all of like 30 seconds to bring up another segment in pfsense.  You give it an IP, you create your firewall rule(s) done..  That is 9 minutes of my life I will never get back ;)

  • Yeah, that was about the most round-about way to achieve the exact same thing that could have been done in the GUI in 1/8 the time. The effort is appreciated, but the understanding is lacking.

  • The OPs first rules will work fine.

    • Also make sure Windows firewall does not block ping ICMP

    This is the critical bit to get the ping to work - nothing to do with pfSense!
    Glad you guys watched the video and gave a review - you saved 9 minutes of my life  ;)

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