ESXi passthrough + DHCP issues

  • I finally tried getting pfsense running in ESXi and I can't get it to work properly. I have 2 physical NICs with PCI passthrough in ESXi to the pfsense VM. When I disconnected the my previous physcial pfsense router @ and put the one in ESXi into action I could no longer access the vcenter client without manual entering in the IP of ESXI like so.

    Once I did I could get pfsense up and running with both the LAN ( and WAN showing UP links and they look to be getting an IP. I could not get the DHCP server to say it was started though and I think that was what was causing the issue. If DHCP was up I should be able to switch my NIC settings back to automatic and it should connect to vcenter, correct? This should also allow all my other devices to get IPs again like normal.

    I'm not sure what is preventing the DHCP server from starting if that is even the problem. Am I missing something in the steps, because it seems like I am really close? Thanks for any help in advance.

    EDIT: I also read that it may have just been that my modem needed reset, but the WAN did see an IP. Could that cause the DHCP to not start?

  • I was able to figure it out.

    pgrep: invalid pid in file '/var/dhcpd/var/run/'

    I deleted the contents of this file and restarted DHCP and everything is working now! :)

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