Power Outage gui dhcp problems

  • We had a terrific storm last night that took out power for the whole county. I was assigning a static dhcp lease to a device (iPad) at the very moment the power cut out.

    I turned all network devices off while the power was out. When power was restored, I started up the modem, then the pfSense box and all switches, and then computers. After everything started up, I was unable to access the gui from any wired lan computer. No wired lan computers had internet, either.I have a vga monitor connected to the pfSense box with console access, and I could access the gui with the (wireless connected) iPad.

    I tried many things to fix this. I should note that the LAN interface was bridged to OPT1 and OPT2. I reassigned the LAN interface and removed the bridge. (didn't work) I restarted the webConfigurator using option 11 and also used  killall -9 php; killall -9 lighttpd; /etc/rc.restart_webgui but no luck.

    I can connect with any computer by mapping a static mac/ip lease, but nothing will connect otherwise. Strangely,  I can now access my dsl modem ( which I haven't been able to do since installing pfSense. (dsl modem is 'bridged' and the wan interface is ppoe.

    I  redid the Lan/opt1/opt2 bridge and the opt1 and opt2 ports work (same ip) but not the lan. I constructed this bridge just to do it when I first started with pfSense and this has always behaved this way.

    Thanks for any help!

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