Beginner's Question about Dual-WAN Scenario PPPoE + Static

  • Hello everyone,

    I recently came to attention pfsense could run dual wan, so I went to check but before messing around with another new piece of firewall system, I'd like to ask if the following scenario is possible as I hope.

    I would be glad if you could answer that and hopefully give me some hints maybe even where-to-look-links or something like that.

    We've been running IPCop via PPPoE ADSL (router in bridge mode) + zerina OpenVPN for several years. But as our ADSL is only 2.000 kbit/s we've always been looking for a more proper internet connection for our company.
    So we got the chance to get LTE now. Unfortunately, for using LTE the Red/WAN has to be static, well that's not an issue - the issue is: OpenVPN doesn't run smoothly via LTE (UDP) while it runs much much better via ADSL connection. (OpenVPN clients are connecting via dyndns entry, no net-to-net).

    So the current scenario should be like this (as there seems to be no better way):
    WAN 1 = static via LTE, being used with proxy and urlfilter for all clients on LAN (main internet gateway)
    WAN 2 = PPPoE via ADSL, only being used for OpenVPN to LAN (RDP e.g.)

    Both WAN shall access the same LAN but PPPoE must only be used for OpenVPN, not as gateway for internal LAN to internet access.

    Is that easy to do with pfsense?

    I'm still new to firewalls and this kind of stuff, our company doesn't have an IT section, so I'm the one in charge.

    Hopefully you can clear up my mind, I'll be looking forward to it.

    Kind regards, André

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