Temporarily replace Pfsense by a computer to test the Internet connection

  • Hello,

    I wish to test my Internet connection  ::) . I will wish to temporarily put a computer behind the modem directly to my ISP instead of pfsense.
    My wan connection on pfsense is configured with static address  and for default gateway.

    So I set up a computer with a static IP address and for  gateway and same DNS  those of Pfsense.

    I then unplug pfsense to connect to the cable network instead of the computer.

    Only problem, the computer does not have Internet access, cannot ping the modem my provider or ping DNS.

    Someone to be there or could be the problem?

    thank you,


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Did you reboot your cable modem before you connected your PC?  I have never seen a cable modem you did not have to reboot when you change the mac connected to it.  Pfsense wan nic mac is going to be different than your PC nic mac.

    Also when you say ping the modem - what IP would you be pinging for the cable modem?

    So disconnect pfsense from you cable modem.  Remove power from the cable modem, return power to the cable modem – wait for it to cycle through and show its online.  Then connect your pc.

    Also you don't mention what mask your putting on your PC, make sure you setup the network mask as well to match what your static settings are.

    Then of course repeat the process when you want to connect pfsense back.

  • I try this this tonight.

    Many thanks.


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