DDNS on wan 2 ip

  • Hello I have a dual internet set up with pfsense. And my second internet connection has a dynamic ip so I made an account at no-ip but it won't send any updates because the wan1 doesn't change.

    So is it passable to trigger an update when the wan 2 ip changes and sent that to no-ip

  • DynDNS can only be used on the primary WAN for now. May be available on all WANs in the next release after 1.2, it's a planned addition.

  • While it was not my preference, I solved this by installing a dyndns client on a machine and using a routing rule to make sure that updates to the DynDNS server went out over the WAN2 interface…. so far, its working quite well.

    It was a linux box and I'm using inadyn ... just put a line in my crontrab and it was done
    01 */4 *  *  * /usr/sbin/inadyn

  • I've begun work on supporting multiple wans for DYNDNS.  I've already extended it to support selecting which interface to use.  I should have a patch submitted against HEAD in the next week.

  • Do you have a patch against 1.2 RC4? Please, pretty please? =D

  • nitrus,

    Any possiblity of a patch or hack on 1.2 release?

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