DNS Not working on VLAN

  • I have configured the pfsense router to have 6 VLAN's off of em1 (em0 is my WAN). on the my Layer2 switch I have the VLAN's configured and ports assigned to the VLANS's em1 is directly plugged in to the trunked port. If I plug my workstation onto the default VLAN (VLAN1) I get an IP address and DNS forwards through, therefore I can browse the Internet.

    When I plug my workstation onto any other VLAN, I get an IP address but DNS is not getting forwarded. I can browse the Internet using IP addresses only. I have setup the Firewall rules and am able to ping through the router.

    On the Default VLAN, when I nslookup the routers address it resolves the name of the router, says "pfsense.localdomain". This is not the case when I nslookup the router on any other VLAN, says "Server: UnKnown"

    I have tried to google this issue with no luck, as no-one seems to have this issue.

  • What firewall rule/s have you got on the various other VLAN interfaces in pfSense?
    You will need to allow traffic for protocol TCP+UDP source VLAN2net destination VLAN2address port 53 (DNS) …
    If you have blocked off all access to VLAN2address, then that will block off the DNS also.

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