Configuring IPSEC on WebGUI very slow to load on Pfsense 2.1

  • Hello All,

    Accessing the IPSEC web interface seems not loading properly(on my case). Whenever I clicked the + button to begin "add phase1 entry", it takes very long time (approximately 20minutes :-\ weird) before the config page appear and even when saving settings or adding phase2 entry.

    Other Web Menus such as Firewal Rules, DHCP Server, etc. loads properly in a second when I walkthrough each configuration page.

    I think I missed something after I had imported all my previous configurations (because after the fresh install it loads very fine), but I cannot figure it out. Maybe there are somebody out there had precious thoughts in mind, please help.


  • Hi, I have found the SOLUTION to the problem. It was the Failover configuration on System> Routing> Groups tab. I remove entries there temporarily as I'm only at a lab environment. I found the log using the following commands:

    #clog /var/log/system.log |grep php

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