Create status LEDs on non soekris/alix/firebox hardware ?

  • Hi all..

    I've only been a (very happy user) of pfsense for a short while, but a big fan already..

    The thing I am missing though is the ability to create some nice status leds for the nics and gateway etc. on more generic hardware..
    Your nice hardworking superstable but very dull to look at pfsense box deserves some bling. Something that will catch your attention if something is wrong, even if you are just walking by.

    I have seen the plugins using the few leds on soekris and alix hardware etc. but that's very hardware specific.

    The NICs are not really a problem, I could just hookup a few front leds to the original NIC leds and presto..

    One could use an LCD with LCD proc for a few stats. Even use a crystal fontz one with some more options.

    Little of this, little of that..  Very messy.. Very limited..

    What I would like to build is a simple generic setup with leds and maybe even an lcd and/or buttons which can display the status of my pfsense machine. A setup that will work on most hardware used by me and you guys..

    I have no problems with hardware building and microcontrollers and stuff..  Hooking something up cant be that hard.. use an (internal) usb port with some ftdi chip on it, hook something up to a serial or par. port..

    My freebsd software skills… not so good.. I tried following the many files linking pfsense -> plugins -> leds/display etc..  but I get lost every time..  I find references towards /dev/led and led(4) commands etc which I could abuse. Still very dirty..

    Anyone else interested in this sort of thing ? Someone that could handle the software side of things ? Build a nice plugin perhaps ?

    I would be most happy to share any hardware designs here..

  • I would love if we could make something like this!  8)

  • Same here, but like I said.. I need a little help on the software side of things…

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not quite sure what you have in mind here. You mean a page script that can set the status of an LED device depending on the status of various things? With webgui front end?

    The low level hardware side of this should really be done by configuring the leds as proper /dev/led devices. JimP once challenged me to do that for the firebox LEDs but I have so far failed that challenge.  :(


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