Home Network Setup suggestions

  • I am trying to setup a home network with the following characteristics:

    pfsense protected
    Lan Clients
    Wireless Clients
    and a multi-server on Lan

    I would like these capabilities:

    Full communication between LAN and wireless Clients
    File server, torrent client/server, print server, on multi-server (maybe more)
    Traffic Shaping! (preferably on both LAN and wireless)

    To my knowledge traffic shaping is still only one interface which means I have to buy a dedicated access point.  Or I could put a wireless card in my multi-server and run it in accesspointmode.  This would allow me to use traffic shaping on my LAN.  In the diagram made from gliffy as scott linked you can see the setup I am describing.


    Ideally I would like to use freenas as my multi-server but they are lacking the torrent client(i am not sure about the print server).  Also freenas doesn't have wireless capabilities yet.  So I might have to use freebsd as my server at least until these features are supported.

    Before I commit myself to this setup I was wondering if anyone had any comments/improvements.

    edit: Thank you guys for pfsense!  You have been protecting my home network for 1-2 years now.

  • I have a beffy home network.  I am runing the following services:
    FTP, SQL 2005 express, Exchange 2003, Cerberus FTP, bittorrent, vonage, multiple vpn tunnels and and few other things.  I have a GB core, 1 server, two vista workstations, 1 xp Media center and due vpn from inside my network to by business network.

    I am getting ready to upgrade to a 4 way server with more services and additional ip address with 3 subnets.  I don't see why you can do what you have in mind.

  • A stand alone AP hooked up to your switch should be fine. APs don't cost much anymore and are cheap to replace in case of failure. Much more hassle when you have an all-in-one solution. IMHO.
    It's a pretty standard setup that quite some folks around here have at home, including me.
    I opted for a WHS, though.
    Sadly, FreeNAS still lacks the ability to share different folders of a mounted FS. You can only share the whole volume which doesn't work in my home with kids (7 and 10) clicking around on their computers to access the audio books on the server…

  • I would also use a AP. I would use SME server if you know some linux.

  • Thanks for your replies, guys!  I been sick so I have been away from the forums.

    fastcon68:  That is a pretty beefy home network!  I don't think I will need all that yet(mainly media based) but as I learn more I may implement it just to experiment.

    jahonix:  thx for the incite about freenas.  I too have sensitive info I want to keep personal(multi-family network).  I will look into WHS.

    Perry:  I will also look into SME but I have no background in linux.  I am barely learning my way around freebsd.

    As for the AP, I think I going to hold off until wireless n becomes ratified and is supported by freebsd.  Money is really tight so any purchase I make will have to stay for a couple of years.

  • Before beta testing (and later on purchasing) Windows Home Server I took a look at the various platforms around.
    SME indeed does all I want to but the time involved to get it up'n running the way I want it just wasn't there. WHS was less time consuming and therefore cheaper for me.
    But that implies the fact that I use Windows servers at work and have very limited knowledge about Unix and Linux…

  • I have a similar setup.
    You should use a AP only device, 2.4 g,b
    I use a linksys about $50
    Very nice, never have a problem with it it up 24-7 with no lock up like some
    others in the market.
    The reason is to take the load off you file server
    especially if you use a software RAID setup like i do.
    and/or it allows you to place the wireless ap in the center of your home or office for equall
    coverage with out the expense of RF cables and Antennas.
    and if your ap ever burns up your file server will still be running

    just my 1/4 of a cent thought
    happy networking

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