DHCP and dnsmasq.local

  • Hi there.

    Using fix leases in DHCP I can assign 2 MAC addresses to one IP via dnsmasq.local. For example, computer with both LAN and WiFi cards will get same IP address on both NICs.

    Can I do that in pfSense? I couldn't find dnsmasq.local file… :(

    Can dnsmasq.conf do this job?


  • The pfSense webGUI currently checks that the IP address is unique, so you cannot use the same IP address in 2 static mapping entries. It also checks that the host name is unique and that the MAC address is unique (per interface - you can duplicate these on multiple interfaces, of course). So you also cannot have 2 entries with the same host name or 2 entries with the same MAC address on the same interface.

  • Thanks a lot…

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