Seeing outbound traffic in log, but can't connect to anything

  • I configured my Android 4.4 phone to connect to my pfSense 2.0.3.  According to all of the logs, everything is set up correctly.

    Whenever I attempt to browse to a site, I can see the DNS and HTTP requests, but the browser never connects.

    Any advice on where to begin troubleshooting would be appreciated.  This is the tutorial I used.


  • ~~So I figured out why I couldn't connect to things.  For some reason my IPSec VPN is terminating in an IPv6 endpoint.  So any site that supports IPv6 works, but nothing that is IPv4 only does.

    Any idea why this would happen?  I have all of the IPv6 flags turned off.~~

    EDIT: Okay, I was wrong.  The IPv6 connections are from my phone directly, not the VPN.  So my problem remains.

    I see the DNS queries and the HTTP connections to the correct IPs, but I never receive any content.  Any idea what to check?


  • No ideas?  I just need some pointers on what to check.  So far I've come up empty.

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