Dual Wan not working for me

  • So my setup is simple, I have two wans, 1. Cable 2. DSL. I have it setup so if my cable goes over a 6% packet loss it switches over to my DSL but its not using the DSL connection at all for some reason. I tried to follow this guide at http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,71334.0.html for everything but load balancing.

    The Cable connection works fine but I cant get it to route the net to the DSL wan when the cable goes down. What I did was just pull the ethernet cable on the cable modem and I can see that it knows its down and seems to trigger but the traffic never gets routed to the DSL connection.

    I can post any additional screenshots if they would be helpful let me know. Thanks for your time and help.

  • If you want it to prefer cable, then in the gateway group, make the cable gateway tier 1 and the DSL gateway tier 2.
    You need rules on the LAN that feed traffic into the gateway group. If you just want all traffic to do the failover thing, then edit the "pass all" rule on LAN and in the advanced section Gateway, click and select the failover gateway group you defined.
    Now all the general traffic coming from LAN will be fed into the gateway group - normally it will be sent out cable, if cable is down it will be sent out DSL.

  • Thanks that got me going!  ;D

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