My internet speed is extremely slow

  • Hello
    I 've come across recently on PfSense , and must say that this has me very much at the beginning .
    Installation on a rCF card was quite simple and the basic configuration was pretty easy I must say.
    So far I have made ​​only the basic configuration . DHCP server ( IP assignment in LAN and WLAN )

    But still I have a problem where I get stuck .
    At once my PfSense router system
    Alix board
    4GB CF card ( boot medium with nano BSD Pfense )
    CPU 512MHz
    512MB RAM
    2x 10/100Mb LAN
    300mb Wlan card internally Installed
    In hailstones to a cable modem Germany , the router also has a DHCP connection to the modem.

    My problem:
    Quite simply, my internet speed is extremely slow.
    I have iene 32Mb line of KabelDeutshland ,
    Do I use my burlap router I get about 27Mb in PfSense router I get just only 2Mb in the download.
    during the upload it looks similar.

    Manager, I think about it only very little on the internet which could bring me there on.
    Does anyone have an idea what could be there.

  • Netgate Administrator

    With speeds that slow the first thing I would look for is a speed or duplex mismatch on one of the interfaces.


  • Where can get software or hardware error?
    Pfsense is with me if still available in a standard configuration.
    But what I noticed is that the WAN port interface problems made ​​to get an ip, though I always had a Switsch switch between, Sons and daughters cable connection not funkionierte with anhieb only when a new configuration of the wan interfaces.
    On my Alix 2d2 board with wlan ..

  • Netgate Administrator

    Check the Status: Interfaces: page for errors on any interface. If you do have a duplex mismatch it will show there.

    Some of what you are saying is not translating well.  ;) You may get better help in the German subforum.


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