MultiWAN with one internet connection and one internal network

  • Hello,

    In our PfSense router (FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p11, pfSense 2.1-RELEASE(amd64)) we have a working MultiWAN set up as follows:
    Interface WANZLDNET (connection comes directly from modem) with an external IP 82.176.103.*** via DHCP
    Gateway WAN with as Gateway IP and as monitor IP

    Interface WANXS4ALL (connection comes from Fritz Box, the Fritz Box handles the telephony/VOIP network) with IP via DHCP
    Gateway GW_OPT1 with Gateway IP (IP address of that router) and monitor IP

    These two are in the gateway group "MultiGateWay", the WANZLDNET has the highest priority.

    There's also a LAN connection to our internal network (192.168.0.) and the following firewall rule:
    ID: -; Proto: IPv4
    ; Source: LAN net; Port: *; Destination: *; Port: *; Gateway: MultiGateWay; Queue: none; Schedule: -; Description: Default allow LAN to any rule;

    Yesterday we experienced big issues with our provider (of the WANZLDNET interface/WAN gateway). We've set up the failover right away and we got it working, we had our internet from the WANXS4ALL interface/GW_OPT1 gateway. However, after the connection was up again it didn't switch back to the WAN gateway automatically. PfSense showed us that the connection was up, then down, then up then down and so on. Our provider said that the connection should be all right and we verified this by connecting a laptop to the modem directly and downloading some file. It was actually up all the time.
    Anyone have an idea/solution about the up and down status of the link that was actually up all the time?

    Apart from that we'd like to be able to reach the Fritz Box from the LAN network. I've tried the IP of the router (, the IP address of the Interface although that brings me back to the log-in screen of PfSense (which I understand). The Interface WANXS4ALL has under the DHCP client configuration the Alias IPv4 address, I've tried that too.
    Any idea on how to reach the Fritz Box?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone have a clue for this one?

  • Not sure about the up/down stuff, but for the destination you need to make an alias of your internal networks, make a rule before your gateway failover one with the destination being that alias, and pass all traffic. Trying to pass traffic to your internal network through your failover group will usually not work out well.

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