Port forward on dual WAN

  • Hi,

    I'm having a dual WAN setup for failover (and some policy based load balancing, mainly VOIP over the 2nd WAN)
    Right now, for every WAN-interface I have (a.t.m. WAN and OPT1) I have to create a new port-forward, essentially 100% the same for both interfaces.

    Though not a very big problem (just annoying, the port-forward-list is twice as big as I'd like) it would be nice to make an alias or something with both interfaces in it so I can choose that alias when choosing the port-forwarding interface.

    First of all it would lower the amount of actions I have to do to make 'a' port-forward by about 25% (as I can copy the WAN-one and change the interface to OPT1) but more importantly, it reduces the chance of making a mistake and it's easier to see the different port-forwards.

    Technically it's a feature request, but not really one I need desperate enough to post a bounty. I'm not even sure it's possible to post a feature request without posting a bounty, so I hope this is the right forum?

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