MultiWAN + Transparent Squid

  • Hi all,

    I am experiencing some issues on a multi-WAN environment.

    I want to use a transparent Squid+Squidguard. This server has three network interfaces: LAN, WAN1 and WAN2.

    I've created two failover groups, as some of the workstations needs to use WAN2, as they are different links with different upload speeds and this kind of stuff.

    Currently everything works fine WITHOUT Squid. All the network uses a failover group which has WAN2 as Tier 1 and WAN1 as Tier 2. And I created four firewall rules for four specific stations to use another failover group, on which WAN1 has a higher priority than WAN2.

    Failover working fine for both groups. But I want to use a transparent Squid as I want to have some ACLs to manage access to websites. But if I enable transparent Squid, all stations' internet access go through the default gateway (currently WAN2) and failover doesn't work. If WAN2 is down, it just returns a Squid error page with "network is unreachable" error.

    Does someone use pfSense in a similar way and/or have any idea of how do I do it?

  • yes … lots of people are using it like that. search this section of the forum and you will probably get around a trillion posts ;)

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