Dynamic /64 / PPPoE / SLAAC?

  • Hi *,

    I'm aware of the issue that the 2.1 release introduced with IPv6 & PPPoE… I've however a setup question...
    My ISP assign me dynamically a /64 via RA.
    My WAN connection is connected to my DSL router and uses PPPoE. IPv6 is configured with SLAAC.
    I'm receiving a /64 and, when the trick to change the default IPv6 route applied, I've IPv6 connectivity from the firewall.
    From a SSH session, I can join IPv6 services.

    My question is: how to distribute IPv6 on my LAN? The webgui says that the LAN interface must have a fixed IPv6 address to send RA's! It's confusing me... If I try to select "Track interface", the drop down menu is always empty!?

    Any tutorial for this kind of setup?


  • So to enable SLAAC on PFSENSE you need to go to services->dhcp6/RA and to RA for your interface. You then need to choose the appropriate level in the drop down. I sue assisted and then add the DNS server as the PFSENSE LAN interface in the box below (note not all operating systems support this).

    A SLAAC enabled subnet must be a /64 FYI. I think there is a standard which redistributes to your LAN a subnet being advertise dby the ISP, not sure if it exists or if PFsense supports it

  • Hi Zeon,
    Thank you for your reply!
    However, to enable SLAAC on LAN side, pfSense tells me that the LAN interface must have static IP addresses.
    My ISP provides me dynamic addresses (also configured via SLAAC on the WAN side). I'm confused!?


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