Missing Quagga BGP package?

  • OpenOSPFd's description says it is deprecated.

    There is a package for Quagga OSPF, but it warns that it can't be installed alongside OpenBGPd because it will overwrite files.

    If I want to run both BGP and OSPF on a pfSense 2.1 box, how am I supposed to do this?  There is no package for Quagga BGP, and I can't use OpenBGPd with Quagga OSPF…

    Is the missing Quagga BGP package just an accident/oversight?

    This is on an embedded x86 system in case it matters.

  • Can you post a log of the missing package?

    The new Push button installer system may fix this if someone edited the packages.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by "post a log"?

    I just remember that in the past there were two separate packages for Quagga - one for OSPF, and one for BGP.  Now when I go to the packages screen, there's only the OSPF package.  I'm not sure if this is an oversight/bug in the package system, or if the Quagga BGP package was removed for some reason, or something else entirely.  Installing the Quagga OSPF package does give me OSPF options but nothing for BGP.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There was never a Quagga BGP package.

  • OK, my memory stinks then.  :)

    With the new PBI system, does this mean I should be able to run Quagga for OSPF alongside OpenBGPd?

    I suppose I could also use OpenOSPFd but since the package notes say it isn't being developed anymore it seemed unwise.

    If I had any clue how to put together my own package (or the time in which to do so), I would roll one for BIRD which is supposed to be the new hotness in *nix routing engines…

  • The PBI allows for the package to sit in its own directory with its dependencies. Though the package probably needs to be rewritten to make sure that it is not moving things out of the pbi directory etc. As long as they are encapsulated I think that would work but I do not have a working understanding of either package right now.

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