Purpose of hostname and domain in wizard?

  • How does pfSense use the hostname and domain that I specify in the wizard? I know they form the FQDN, but how is that used by pfSense or by users or systems outside of pfSense? I used the defaults of "pfSense" and "localdomain". Should I care?

    BTW, my main goal is to implement a Squid caching proxy, but I'll eventually replace my router with pfSense.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    pfSense uses that hostname and domain for the system itself. The domain gets used in various places like DHCP and DNS as the default domain. The FQDN of the firewall is used to validate that the referer matches when using a hostname, and also for DNS rebinding checks. The hostname is also used in various aspects of logging. There are probably dozens of other little places it gets used in various daemons or config files or graphs, but it's best to always have it set right.

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