Monitor service status

  • Hello-

    I've got about 215 or so days of uptime running 2.0.3 on an Alix box. I had an issue in which the captive portal service stopped. I looked thru notifications options but if I am reading correctly something like service status/crashes wouldn't be sent out.

    I'm looking for a while to remotely monitor the service status, with email/etc alerts to trigger when a service is stopped. I'm open to anything - something built in, a script, a remote monitoring platform, etc. Can't seem to find anything on the forums.

    Any suggestions or direction would be appreciated.

  • There is the Service Watchdog package that JimP wrote a couple of months ago. That auto-restarts services that go missing. It does not have any function to send notifications, but perhaps it could be enhanced to optionally send notifications (and optionally just send a notification and not actually restart stuff automatically).

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