How to access multiple static IPs

  • Hello, I am a novice at networking and not sure how this should be done, hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.  I have:

    Modem -> WAN | pfsense|–------- LAN
    ->Static IP1 ---|          |--------- DHCP Server
    ->Static IP2 ---|          |--------- Web Server
    ->Static IP3 ---|          |--------- Mail Server

    The Static IPs are being passed through the modem and need to be assigned to each device.  I can get PFsense working and assign it to any of the static IPs, but I am not sure how to assign the other Static IPs to various servers using the pfsense box.  Physically, do I need a separate WAN card and LAN card for each static IP?  Do I have to set up a DMZ with another pfsense box or will subneting work?  What is the basic procedure to get this to work in pfsense?

    Thanks in advance.  Hopefully this makes sense.

  • Go to firewall, Virtual IPs to add the additional public IPs. Then use 1-1 NAT or port-forwards to direct the traffic to your internal servers. There are many threads on the exact procedure and details.

  • Thanks for the push in the right direction, wasn't sure what to search originally, but I think I got it now  ;D.

  • Hi there,

    I'm still in the dark on setting up my 5 static IPs on pfSense.

    Kindly post here how to do it correctly if you don't mind, this surely be useful to others.

    Thanks in advance.



    This really has be discussed numerous times.
    Take your time and read.

    results you get with the keyword: VIP,5253.0.html,6793.0.html

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