PFSense on HyperV - max speeds?

  • I currently have setup that goes modem->switch->hyperv server->pfsense->(switch technically)->client.

    If i set up my client to have a static IP and thus bypassing PFSense, i max out at the theoretical 100mbs…  If I get a DHCP'd address and NAT through the pfsense VM, i max out at around 60mbs.

    I'm running 2.0.3 and my CPU is around 90% when operating at 60mbs

    a) is there something i missed in configuration that is causing this problem? (nic driver?)
    b) is there anything in hyperv I missed?
    c) this looks like a virtualization problem not a pfsense problem?

    Any other thoughts?


  • did you download the pfsense .iso w/ the modified kernel for hyper-v?

    i use this with no problem in 2008 and 2012 hyper-v,56565.msg362435.html#msg362435

    i use the one for 2.1 and just give them 3GB for HDD and 1024MB of RAM

    and I get 100 up and down

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