Bandwidthd Question

  • So I want to use bandwidthd but am a bit lost on setting it up.

    What do the following settings actually mean for us slow people?

    Skip Interval, Graph Cutoff, Draw Graph, filter, Meta Refresh ect..

    I know the logging one, I understand that. The Graph cutoff I assum is straight forward, it wont log anything under whatever you set in that field? Correct me if wrong please.

    Meta Refresh is how often it pulls? I am not sure as I set to 60 and it still has long delay before it will update.

    Someone please help me out. :)

    I am not a noob on this stuff but sure seems like it with this.

    Should I maybe be using another package?

    I want to monitor usage by ip.

    Can those other packges be stacked with this? Like ntop ect..? I have not done but would like to to explore them..

    Thx in adv

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