Pptp cable connection

  • Hi I'm trying to set up a pptp connection on wan to my ISP, however I don't have the IP address it's allocated by DHCP and there is no way to set it in pfSense.

    I've searched the forums and found http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=4630.0 which implies that although the front end doesn't allow this it might be possible using shell.

    I've managed to enter shell, but the only commands I know is ls and cd which as you can imagine didn't get me very far. I'm a quick learner and just need a couple of pointers.

    1. where do I change mpd.config (how would be nice as well, something like notepad?)
    2. what should it be


  • P.S. I've found mpd and the conf file in the etc directory, however I still have no idea how to edit it since ed nor red work, nor do I know what needs to be set…


  • Well I found vi, and after some to and fro got to editing and saving. So the only thing missing is what should actually be changed in mpd…

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