Most logging stops after reboot

  • After rebooting today, most logging except RRD stopped.  This is a fresh install of NanoBSD-4G  2.1.  I believe the only change before the reboot was to increase the /var & /tmp RAMSIZEs.
    Clue #1: If I clear any particular log (from the GUI), it starts accepting log entries again.
    Clue #2: Before clearing the log, it has a size of 512144 bytes.  After clearing it shows 511488 bytes.
    Clue #3: running clog -i -s 511488 on a log file also enables logging again.
    Clue #4: /etc/rc inits the log files to 512144.  Editing /etc/rc so that it inits them to 511488 and then rebooting fixes the problem.
    I haven't a clue what the ramifications of this are. It might be working for all the wrong reasons.
    Does anyone know what is causing my problem and if there is a correct solution?  I searched the forums but only found references to people accidentally disabling local logging.

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