Hardware Temperature Monitoring

  • I was trying to find a way to enable the temperature monitoring and thought it to already be available but all I could find is this post…....


    So I thought I would create a poll to see how many people would love to have temp monitoring as a RRD graph.

    Personally I think it to be a excellent idea and think it should be added to future packages, heck I'd love to see it now. But good things come to those that wait I suppose.

    None the less who is interested in temp monitoring! I AM!

  • For now you could use mbmon. Install the phpSysinfo package for a quick view on temp's.

  • This is not supported by all hardware and will lead to errors. I have to switch it off for phpSysInfo to work!

  • This may get easier when the ported OpenBSD sensor framework is available. I think it's going into FreeBSD 7.

  • I think this is quiet an important feature somewhere.

    I was using IPCOP for a while and liked to see the RRD graphs with temperatures.

    Modern Hard Disks have a temperature sensor via SMART so this is an option as well.

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