Apple guest VLAN slooooow….but why only download speed?

  • Hello Folks,

    I have a puzzling issue for which I am not sure where to start looking for answers. I guess I am looking for a few pointers about where to begin or better still, if someone here knows the outright solution.

    I have pfSense 2.1 running on Atom D510 based mini-ITX with built-in Intel dual gigabit ports. Everything, including my internal network (LAN) works just fine. Here is some more info about my config:

    System: Advanced: Networking: Device polling = Unchecked
    System: Advanced: Networking: Disable hardware checksum offload = Unchecked
    System: Advanced: Networking: Disable hardware TCP segmentation offload = Checked
    System: Advanced: Networking: Disable hardware large receive offload = Checked

    The reason I mention the above is from browsing around these forums as being frequently suggested as possible contributors to my particular issue.

    Anyway, here is my issue. Following the directions I found on a site, to make use of Apple's guest network feature while it is in bridged mode (AP only), I created a VLAN off of em0 with the id of 1003. I tied that to a new interface and created an allow rule to be able to browse the net using the guest network. That part itself is working good and my guest network works as expected. However, the download speed on just the guest network is abysmal. While my LAN wifi speed test shows up as 25/25 mbps, the guest network speed measures as @ 0.5/25 mbps. So, for some reason, while my guest network upload speed is as expected, the download speed is roughly 2% of what it should be.

    As stated above, as per some suggestions found on this forum, I have experimented with various combinations of above settings to rule out any em(4) driver issues. Further, I have lowered the MTU to 1496 and even lower to different values with not change. I even thought of utilizing my Netgear GS108T for eliminating any possible delay in inter-VLAN routing, but I cannot use it since I cannot make the same switch port part of 2 VLANs on it which is essentially what I am doing on pfSense i.e. em0 and em0_vlan1003. At this point, I am not sure what else to look at.

    Has anyone come across a similar situation or have any others suggestions? I would appreciate any help in this matter.


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