CARP interface human readable name possible?

  • I tried searching the forum for this, but got no relevant hits (or my searching skills are quite bad).

    If you have many CARP interfaces, you would get a list of interfaces with something like this:

    Is it possible to give those interfaces a more human readable name? Like for example, opt3_vip1 is the carp gateway in your guest network. You would then rename that interface (or set a display name) to "Guest gateway".

    Is this something I would create as a feature request in the bug tracker?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Maybe in the GUI, but not the actual interface names. There are some places we do similar substitutions. We could add a column to the CARP status page for the interface using the user's interface name(s) pretty easily.

  • Hi Jimp, thanks for your reply.

    Yeah, the possibility to rename the display name in the GUI is what I was thinking about. What it's actually named in the background does not matter that much to me. Names like opt6_vip4 does not tell me much, since the interface opt6 has probably been renamed to something else.

    Should I create a feature request in the bug tracker? And by the way, thanks for an excellent firewall solution!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    yes, you can submit a feature request (don't assign it or give it a target though).

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