PfSense as edge router

  • So I have two 100Mbps Metro-E lines getting installed next week. We currently are using a Sonicwall NSA2400 for our firewall.

    I'm trying to "introduce" pfSense slowly into the org with a plan of it eventually taking over VPN and likely Firewall duties from the Sonicwall. Users are using the Sonciwall Global VPN client to connect from home/road. I don't want to have to reconfigure all the users at once to OpenVPN. A slow move works best for me.


    I'm thinking of using pfSense as the edge router in front of the Sonicwall. I'm not real clear on how I do this.
    I know I turn off Automatic NAT-Change that to Manual NAT.  I also turn off firewalling. So I'm thinking this


    One of the Metro-E is providing me 14 usable public IPs the other metro-E  isn't providing any IPs (just one for my wan router). I presume that my Gateway entry on the Sonicwall is the pfSense box.

    Is this something reasonable to do?
    Any input is appreciated.

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