DNS and web server in LAN + external domains

  • Hello!
    Let me explain my network config:

    I have a router in bridged mode, and a PPPoE WAN on PFSense. In my LAN (, i have a local linux DHCP and DNS Server which have 3 websites on it, each of this responds to his own external domain.

    When i try to reach one of this websites from inside the lan, i'm redirected to PFSense web interface.
    I've tried many configurations but i did not get the goal of reaching internal websites from their external domain.

    This is what currently happens :
    From a PC in my LAN i request for www.domain1.com, which is not in my internal DNS zones, so my server forward the request on the internet. To do this, comes to PFSense, which recognizes that it is one of the domains that I put in the dns forwarder, and solves it with the correct LAN address. Here there is Linux server with Apache that correctly maps requested domain with his website.
    …But i still have the PFSense web interface on the browser, and i think this is because from my clients i resolve www.domain1.com with my public IP (Clients DNS is not PFSense).

    Have you got some suggestions?
    Thank you!

    PS: Sorry for my English, i'm italian!

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