Can browse printer status webpage, windows cannot communicate with printer

  • Hello, I recently setup a Watchguard X750e with pfsense on my home network. I have 1 wan 1 lan and another lan on opt1 named wifi. From a wired machine on lan and I can browse to the printer webpage fine, but windows(8) cannot communicate with the device to add it so that I can print.

    Network setup:
    lan > unmanaged switch.
    opt 1 > netgear router used only as a switch, dhcp disabled. laptops and the printer have 10.0.1.x ip's.

    In the windows 'add a printer' wizard I enter in the IP of the printer and hit next, it chugs a long for a bit and then reports "The device is not found on the network".
    Devices connected wirelessly can print correctly.

  • Netgate Administrator

    So your printer is on the OPT1 subnet and clients on LAN cannot 'see' it in Windows?
    Presumably clients in the OPT1 subnet, such as wifi laptops, can print?
    Is there anything in the firewall logs to indicate blocked traffic when you are trying this?

    Windows clients will generally only look in their own subnet to discover new devices this makes situation like yours difficult. If you have a windows server you can add it to your dhcp entries so that Windows clients know where to find it. Then tell the server about the printer. You should be able to use TCP/IP rather than Windows discovery protocol and specify the address but it seems like you've tried that.

    What printer is it?


  • Have you tried to ping the printer from windows?

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