Squid + Sarg totals dont match actual figures (plus other reporting questions)

  • Im using Squid as a transparent proxy with Sarg to try and monitor the daily traffic use in our office. The totals reported by Sarg however dont match the real amounts given by my ISP (its way off, like my ISP shows almost double what sarg does).

    Is this because I am using squid transparently that its only showing web traffic? Will it show correct figures if I turn off transparent and then set all applications on the user pc's to go via the proxy? Can squid deal with non web traffic?

    Some people at our office have been abusing our bandwidth and I need to find those users. Most of my time is spent out of the office though so I cant do real time monitoring, I need to be able to see this on some sort of report at the end of the day.

    I have 2 internal interfaces (lan and wireless) so cant use something like bandwidthd.

    Is squid and sarg the right solution for what I need?