Monitoring routing - gateway groups

  • Hi guys,

    We've got a PFSense multi-wan setup and I have setup gateway groups so that if a connection goes down traffic is automatically re-routed via the next tier specified. The entire process of fail-over happens automatically so my question is how do you monitor the gateways or gateway groups? I could login to the pfsense web interface from time to time and check that all WAN connections are up and running but I was hoping for a more elegant solution using SNMP. Does anyone know if you can monitor a parameter via SNMP to determine the status of your routing groups?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There wouldn't be anything exposed over SNMP for the gateway status, at least not currently.

    The closest you could get would be the ifOperStatus of the WANs but there are plenty of situations where the interfaces are up but the gateways are down/unreachable.

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