PPPoE on pfsense2.1 set clients own IP as Gateway after upgrade from 2.0.3

  • We recently setup a test with a pfsense box and a tp-link router to try out the PPPoE performance of pfSense.

    Since 2.1 did not want to install cleanly, we went the route over installing 2.0.3. Worked perfect, all ran smoothly and we figured we try an upgrade to 2.1

    Suddenly the router was handed its own IP as Gateway.

    We are new to both FreeBSD and pfSense, which is why I felt it more useful to post a question here - does anyone got a clue whats going on?

    We plan to deploy the PPPoE in our network of subscribers, we better feel that this is stable enough before taking the next step.

    Router is a TP-Link 741
    Server is an old Xeon ML110G4 w 4Gb Ram

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