Upper limit larger than interface

  • hi,
    I got a stupid question. Just got a new gigabit network card installed in my box. (Intel Pro / 1000 GT) and setup traffic shaping on my interface. (24000 down, 2000 up) but as soon as it reload the rules, I get the error

    "PFCTL: upper limit larger than interface bandwidth"

    What does this mean? I asume it means that my interface can't handle 24000 bps but it can!

    When I run speedtest.net I get even higher.

    Please Help.

    I am running latest RC3

  • Or you define incorrect interface bandwidth, or have incorrect 'Upper Limit' option in queue(s).

  • fixed it. It was some weird error that was caused the first time I ran the Traffic Shaper Wizard. After I purged everything and set it up all over again it worked.

    Thanks for the speedy reply

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