Question regarding static clients and pfSense implementation

  • So this is the setup - we have static clients on VLAN 110, and DHCP clients on VLAN 100. Static clients have no DHCP server - they use they own routers in their offices and are then connected to our switch ports. DHCP clients use the little Tenda SOHO as their edge router. The 'Hattaris' has one ethernet port on it.

    My question is this: How can I implement pfSense into this network replacing both the Linksys switch (which currently acts as a bypass for static clients) and also replacing the Tenda SOHO?

    The pfSense device I am in control of has 6 ethernet ports, and bridging appears to not work on this device (bridging causes the ethernet ports to flap up and down continuously until it's turned off).

    additional info: static clients have addresses like 18.195 and 18.197 - they use 18.193 as their DG.

    Thanks very much for your help,

  • Thanks in advance everyone (:

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