Per device daily data limits?

  • It's been about a year since I started searching for a product that can do a simple thing on my home network and I still have not found it. There is a market need for a router that can set per device data limits to avoid ISP data overages. I get 10GB per month on my satellite internet and my kids would gladly use every bit of it in one day watching "what does the fox say" over and over on youtube in HD on their Kindle, or phone, if I let them.  I have no way to prevent this other than to deny them access to the network.

    I need a device like a skydog router with content filtering and device management with the addition of protecting you from data overages. ISP's already do this, but the hardware does not exist on the consumer level.

    Basicly the scenario is this:
    On day 1 at 00:00
    Device A gets full bandwith until it reaches 200mb of data.
    Device A then gets limited to 56k download and upload until
    Day 2 at 00:00 the rule is reset.

    Each device gets it's own rule.

    Surely I'm not the only person that needs this?

    Will PFSense accomplish this with a user like me that is not a linux user?

  • Well maybe I AM the only person…. weird.  :o

  • Maybe I shouldn't say this on these forums but have you had a look at Gargoyle (based on OpenWRT)?

    It seems to be very good at the sort of quotas you're describing.

    Gargoyle is Linux-based but, for future reference, pfSense is FreeBSD-based.  ;)

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