PfSense on VMWare 3rd nic

  • Hi all, well i read the forums and all and i see that running pfSense on a VMware virtual computer is not recomended but i will use it just for home and i believe that security wise it will at least be as good as my 50 dolar router. I do have  a spare P3 but i cant stand noise and i wanna have as least computers as possibe in my room (currently 4)

    so my questions are would this work ok?

    Host machine with 3 nics where 2 are briged to vmware and all protocols in windows unselected except the bridge, for use by pfSense one running to modem and one running to switch and then the 3rd nic which is windows only and not briged or used by VMware connected to switch for the windows network.

    1. would that give me decent protection and decent network speed since i transfer alot to and from that computer.

    2. and my internet connection is less than 2mb so i wouldnt be really affected by the low perforimng vmware briged nics right?

    ps: i know i could test all this and i will but i would like to know if it is possibly ok solution since i dont know much about pfSense (or any other firewall distributions) or VMware either, and i also need my network to work i cant take it down for that long usualy to just play with that

  • ok, made and tested my configuration and it works good …. any opinions on how safe it is?

  • See the thread titled Virtual Firewall

  • thanks, i might put it back on the P3 machine that i ment for it, im just having dissconection problems that now i know are not computer related

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