RRD Graph Oddity

  • Hello!

    We are using pfSense 2.1, latest release as of Jan 22, 2014.  We have our box set up with a 10Gb/s Myricom NIC, works great.  However the RRD graphs seem somewhat strange, see the attached pic.  The dark blue line seems to indicate "wan-out6-pass", but in fact we are not using IPv6 on this box, all the interfaces are using IPv4 addresses and all the traffic is using those addresses.  The blue line does seem to be correct, we are pushing between 1-2Gb/s on average.

    Also, the numbers beneath the graph don't seem to line up with what I see on the graph, most of those numbers are zeros, even the wan-out6-pass, which I would presume to be 1+Gb/s as shown on the graph (even though we are using IPv4, not 6).

    Just tossing it out there as a potential bug…  But if I'm doing something wrong or misinterpreting the graph, please let me know!


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