The installer does not work if your machine has 32 gigs RAM!!!! (AMD64 version)

  • EDIT:
    After installing PFsense over and over for the last 8 hours, I discovered a bug. The installer wont work right if the system has 32 gigs of RAM in it….. WTF? Yes, I am little bit pissed off....
    YES, I was using the AMD64 version.

    I have been running PFsense for months in a VM. Today I wanted to install it on a PC.
    It would not install on a

    Gigabyte Z77mx-D3H or a
    Gigabyte F2A85XM-D3H

    It wont install to an SSD. It wont install to a USB stick.

    It gets as far as trying to install data to the disk or stick and then just stops.  I don't think it is a BSD compatibility issue because FreeNAS (BSD based) installs just fine on both of these machines.

    Should I try an older version of PFsense?

  • You ARE using the amd64 version, right?

  • @timthetortoise:

    You ARE using the amd64 version, right?

    Yes, I was using the AMD64 version. I thought PF sense was used in the enterprise, how much RAM are enterprise deployments out there using?

  • I once installed on a machine with 48 GB of RAM with no issues. Currently running on an 8 GB machine serving 600-1000 clients at a time.

  • How can I get this reported to the development team?

  • First provide information here:
    What exactly did not work in the installer?
    What error messages were there (on the screen and in the logs)?

    and we can together narrow down the root cause.

    Then if there is a bug somewhere in the installer that is triggered with some particular conditions on your system it can be reported at

  • Sorry for the giant images. I cant find anything in the BBS code that scales the images….

    I did quick/easy install and then got this error:

    I hit <cancel>and then got this error

    Then I did a <view log="">and got the log below.


  • I've done a couple development installs with 32GB of RAM with no issue.  I've never done more than 16GB in production though, there's just no point unless you want to run Squid with an entirely in-memory cache.

    How large is that SSD?  pfSense will try and create a swap partition that is twice the size of your physical memory.  In this case, with 32GB of RAM you'd need a drive larger than 64GB to install.  You can do a manual partition layout with less/no swap to see if that gets you past that point.

  • The original install I wasted 8 hours on was a 100 gig SSD. For the sake of these screenshots it was a 30 gig SSD, yet had the same errors as the 100 gig SSD and the 64 gid USB thumb drive.

    The machine I installed on is temporary until APU boards start to ship. I didn't think I would need to pull memory out to load PFsense.

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