DDNS with Pfsense 2.0 behind a router

  • Hi,

    At home i have an modem/router from my ISP.
    It is impossible to switch of the router from my ISP,
    the only thing i can do is set up a DMZ.

    I want to use Pfsense and Dynamic DNS.
    Is it possible to set up Pfsense in such a way
    that DDNS resolves to the WAN Ip eventough
    the actual WAN of the Pfsense Box would
    be something like 192.168.0.x?


  • Yes, when the pfSense WAN IP is a private one, the Dynamic DNS code is smart enough to use checkip.dyndns.org to find out what its real public-facing IP is, and use that to set the Dynamic DNS name.
    Of course, on your ISP device you will need to port forward ports in from ISP WAN to pfSense WAN, so that your clients in big bad internet land actually get through to pfSense WAN. Often with ISP devices they have a place to specify a "DMZ" IP address which is not a DMZ at all, it does a 1:1 port forward of everything to the specified IP address - which is what I always do. Then I get all the crap connection attempts from the public internet passed through to pfSense where I can filter (and log them if I care).

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