• Hello all,

    i've been trying to get some notifications sent out from my pfsense box, and installed "mailreport"

    it works fine, sending a daily email with System logs, and i can even narrow the results sent by using e.g "snort" so the message includes only relevant to snort rows.

    the question is, can i narrow down the results even further? for e.g i need the rows that both have:

    1. a certain IP, coming from snort
    2. current date, coming from snort

    i tried filters like:

    snort &&
    snort, 'date +%b'
    etc etc.

    but if i put anything more than just "snort" the results are blank.

    Any ideas on the syntax i could potentially use for filtering the logs??

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The current date wouldn't be possible but if you want to filter in a couple ways you can, update to the most recent version of the mailreport package and this should work:

    1. To do term1 and term2:  term1.*term2|term2.*term1
    2. To do term1 or term2: term1|term2

  • good stuff, thanks a lot!

    now i'll go find a way to get a pfblocker report in the mail too!