HTTPS port forward

  • Hi all, Im new in pfsense, here is my case

    Im trying to forward port 443 (HTTPS) source from my machine ( to ( port 8080 manipulate the uri using python script and then send it to my upstream proxy ( , the figure just like this

    A : my machine (
    B : pfsense (
    C : upstream proxy (

    A–->>pfsense--->A:6000---(manipulate uri)--->C--->pfsense--->WAN

    it's works well for http (port 80) since it just use the http host header to know the real host i want to connect and rewrite the uri (ex. GET, instead of GET /), but for https there is no header, so how do my script that listen on port 6000 know what host is my machine want to connect?, if i used to read the source address in socket then it will read and if i read it as destination it will read, is it possible when port forwarding not changing the source address or the destination address?, or it is possible to change the source address to

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