Traffic shaping and squid

  • After reading through the sticky, it sounds like traffic shaping does not work properly with squid.  I like to add traffic shaping to manage video and voip traffic. 'Only HVAP and Squid are installed.
    Anyone has it working properly?

  • I'd love to hear this one too.
    I'd imagine you just have to set up the rule properly, but I've tried almost everything I can think of to no avail.

  • do you use HVAP? The other option for me is stop using HVAP and squid all together.

  • Try this?,62188.msg335842.html#msg335842

    Edit, add:

    As it happens, I finally gave this a try (albeit on a 2.1 system) last night, as my users had managed to offend me sufficiently (MPAA sharing violations - not only do they indicate that users have violated our policies and mean I need to find harsher controls to curb bad behavior, they also irritate the heck out of me…) and while I had some limited effect, I could not get any traffic into the proxy queue nor the http queue. It's all twisty little passages, all alike, in the dark and filled with Grues from a documentation standpoint. After no apparent effect from the linked method, I eventually tried using the layer 7 stuff to identify cache hits and misses and place them in queues, at (roughly) which point everything stopped working and I gave up and reverted to a saved configuration from before I started messing with the poorly documented Shaper. There has got to be a better way to do this, or better documentation of how to do this (that actually works).

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