• I will try and explain the issue I'm having and hopefully someone will be able to tell me if I have some thing wrong in my config. What i'm trying to do in the most simplest of terms is route the native cisco vlan 1. I have included a diagram showing the basics of the current setup. I have a pfSense box setup with vlans and trunking talking to a cisco 2900 switch. I can route and use all the vlans except vlan1. The final goal is to use the Meraki AP to assign Vlans according to the SSID that is used. I know how to make this work but it requires the Meraki AP to communicate toe the Meraki cloud controller via the management Vlan. Since I can not change the default management  on the Meraki ap from vlan1 i need to make it route to the internet.

    That is the overall idea, here is the configuration so far. On pfSense WAN => em0 = comcast modem, LAN => bce0 = goes to a network for testing access not part of vlans, bce1 => cisco switch as trunk port, OPT1 => VLAN1, OPT2 => VLAN2, OPT3 => VLAN3, and so on.

    Network diagram.

    Any assistance or direction to look for a solution would be greatly appreciated.

  • Did you create a vlan1 on the PfSense Side? You will need to do this that way your vlan 1 traffic will be tagged with Vlan 1 as it goes across the trunk port. If you set the switchport on your 2900 switch to trunk make sure that you are using dot1q encapsulation (switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q). The native VLAN should be 1 but you can run the switchport trunk native vlan 1 just to be sure.

    This should work, if not some screen shots of your pfsense assignment configs might help.