Is my wrap 266 too slow?

  • system: wrap with 266Mhz
    trafic shape
    snmp with monomon

    if traffic is high (8MB download link), download state arround 500-600
    monomon is not working well
    on console, cpu, system 4%, interrupt 96%
    idle 0.0% !!!

    and only 600 states full cpu usage, if run torrent, state increase to 1500, but idle is 0.0%
    is wrap system with 266Mhz to slow?
    is this normal?
    connection work ok, only monomon no, and gui work extremly slow

  • try to enable polling and see if that helps.

  • "interrupt 96%"

    Can you enable "Use device polling" under System -> Advanced?

    Edit: Note to self: Do not leave forum-windows open for prolonged periods of time before replying ;)

  • thanx , device polling works
    where is limit of wrap 266?
    35M link and how many states?

  • Normally a WRAP can do more like 30 Mb, and has enough RAM to handle 60-80K states depending on what other features you use. Maybe monomon puts so much load on it that it can't do more than that, if you shut down monomon do things get better?

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