CiscoVPN Client disconcections Help Please!

  • Hi I just started playing with pfSense yesterday and i never used any other firewall distribution. and i have a Huge problem

    I use cisco vpn client to connect to to a cisco asa device and now with pfsense it disconnects within few minutes, all settings in pfsense are stock except the password. The vpn client runs fine when in my cheep router.

    i am not sure what to do so i only tried playing with the "Firewall Optimization Options" setting, on normal it dissconects after 3 min, conservative 7min and high latency 9min no matter if connection is used or idle. Please help i really need to be connected all day long.

    if it helps it acted same way on a p3 1000mhz machine with 256mb of ram yesterday and now the same way with on a VMware virtual with 128mb ram and sempron 2800+, the host doesnt run any other VMmachine nor any demanding tasks

    edit: just to add i setup a continous ping from my computer to one of the devices on the other side of the vpn tunel and now the connection has been up for over an hour

  • ok i just couldnt keep my cisco vpn client from dissconecting even with continous ping to a machine on the other side of the tunel, altough that did keep it up for over an hour,

    i tried m0n0wall now and dont have a problem with the vpn client, so could someone help out so i can solve is on pfsense and use it


  • What version of the Cisco VPN Client are you using?
    It might be worth it to uninstall your current version, reboot, and try version 5.

    I use it all day long, sometimes forget to disconnect, and find it still connected even after DAYS!

    I hope this helps….

  • 4.8.02

    but its not its fault, it stays connected forever with my router or now m0n0wall, its something in pfsense that is making it disconect and i dont know enough to figure it out

  • Yah, but what I am saying is that there may be some type of wierd comaptibility quirk with the versio you are using and the pfsense software.

    Also… What kind of connection do you have (DSL/Cable) and how is it setup?  Sometimes having your router handle PPPoE Authentication can mess w/ a VPN Client due to it's change in MTU size.


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